The Importance Of Getting A Divorce Settlement Offer Evaluation

3 Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Settlement Offer Evaluation

10 Ways Getting An Expert Opinion About Your Divorce Settlement Offer Will Help

I’m A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

The Ways I Can Help You Get A Better Divorce Settlement

Of course, every case is different, and only by closely reviewing your unique circumstances can I offer you specific advice. But here are examples of how I’ve helped some previous clients:

What Happens When You Decide To Get A Divorce Settlement Offer Evaluation

Give yourself the best chance of getting a divorce settlement that has your best interests at heart. Reach out to me, Ken S. Maynard at Ontario Divorce Finances for a divorce settlement offer evaluation today.

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How much does a proposal evaluation cost?2019-11-15T21:41:59-05:00

The cost of your proposal evaluation will be determined by the time it takes to complete the review. Evaluations start at $1500, which includes two 60-90 minute meetings and three hours for financial analysis and report writing. When you schedule your initial meeting, you will be billed $250 for your appointment. At the first meeting, you will be charged $1250, which covers 3 hours of analysis and report writing and your final session. Any additional time required is billed at $250/hour and is due at the last meeting.

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